in the midst of our chaos: an update

midst of chaos

It has been a crazy few weeks – weeks full of family and colds and fevers and fear and realizations and stress.  There is a lot going on in our little family right now.  Mostly, we’re finding that the next few months are going to be pretty rough for us financially.  We’re okay.  We will be okay.  But I need to find a job.

This is something I’ve been looking into for quite some time.  Nothing has really panned out, but, truthfully, I haven’t been putting 100% into my job search because my kids and my blog are my bucket-fillers.  And, of course, caring for my babies and my writing and my readers is pretty time-consuming.

Because of our financial situation and my need to find some kind of job ASAP, I’m going to have to take a little hiatus from the blog.  This breaks my heart.  Writing has been really good for my brain.  It also makes me so happy to reach a reader and help her realize she’s not alone, even if it’s just for a moment.  That being said, this is what is best for our family right now, and I will be back at it just as soon as I possibly can.  I’m hoping things will fall into place and settle down a bit sometime in October.  Of course, I know I have absolutely no control over that, but I’m going to pray and try really hard to make it work!

Glennon Doyle talks about how the root of the word crisis means to sift.  We will be sifting through our life to find what’s truly important, to be left with the only things that really matter – the things no one or situation can take away.  This is our beautiful mess, our blessing, our joy.  We’ll choose joy.

And, in the meantime, know I’m thinking of you, dear readers, and will be back.  I’ve put together a list of some money-saving apps we have put to good use, too.  You’ll find it below 🙂  I will see you soon!







money-saving apps

IBOTTA – Ibotta has saved us over $150 this year, and I could’ve earned way more.  It’s a rebate app.  You find rebates for the products you buy and then submit your receipt.  This can really be an excellent deal, especially when you can combine it with the coupons and sales offered by the retailer.  The money earned can be used to purchase gift cards or transferred to your PayPal account.  I save up our rebates and use them when the babies need new clothes or for Christmas.  The link is connected to my referral code, which means I’d receive a bonus.  You get a $10 bonus with your first rebate by following my link, too!

RECEIPT HOG – I’ve just started using Receipt Hog, but it’s kind of fun!  You just upload any receipt from stores or restaurants, and you earn coins that can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal credit.  Each receipt also earns you entries into various drawings and/or contests.

CHECKOUT 51 – This is a rebate app for your groceries.  Once you earn $20, you can cash out and they send you a check.  There’s usually a contest you can enter to win $500 by uploading any receipt over $60, too.  Bonus!

EBATES – eBates offers money back on online purchases through their app.  You can catch some really good deals!  I believe they issue checks quarterly.  They also offer bonuses.

MPERKS – If you live near a Meijer, I highly recommend using mPerks.  You can get great deals on already reduced prices and earn bonuses, like money off your next shopping trip.  The primary focus is groceries, but they have a good selection of general merchandise, too.

CARTWHEEL – Cartwheel is part of the Target app.  You can scan the products you purchase to see if there are any additional discounts.  You can also search for items prior to your shopping trip.  I’ve saved quite a bit of money using this app and my Red Card (Target’s debit card that saves you 5% off everything).

OFFERUP – OfferUp is an app for selling/buying similar to Craigslist but more localized.  We’ve had some luck selling and buying on OfferUp.  I prefer it because I seem to get more offers here than on Craigslist.  Plus, the listing doesn’t automatically expire after 7 days.

JET – Jet sells groceries and home goods, like cleaning supplies.  You can find some excellent deals, and you get 15% off your first three orders when you sign up.