the cloth diaper decision

from “no way!” to “sign me up!”

Cloth diapers rock!

Cloth diapers rock!









Our decision to do cloth diapers was not an easy one.  It did not arise out of some noble pursuit to “go green”.  I was just trying to figure out a way to save some money.

I was perusing Pinterest for baby stuff (go figure) and I came across a pin about raising a baby without going broke. (You can find the post here.) One of the tips was to use clothdiaper bag diapers.  This was something that had crossed my mind before.  Actually, it was one of those things that kept crossing my path.  I was seeing stuff about cloth diapers EVERYWHERE.

So, I decided to do some research.

I went to many websites to price out disposable diapers and wipes.  (Target’s Up & Up brand seemed to be the cheapest.  Plus, I have friends who SWEAR by them.)  I got a total dollar amount by using the standard estimated average of ten diapers a day.

Then, using Pinterest as a starting point, I researched cloth diapers.  I looked at all different styles and brands.  I used pinned blogs to determine the favorites.  Although, everyone has their own preferences for cloth diapers and the top-rated dipes don’t always work for all.image

For example, I read a post about the Bum Genius Freetime diapers – a total rave – “My husband and I use these exclusively.”  These diapers did not work for us, especially after Baby Girl was about five months or so.

Once I totaled up the cost for all the diapers and supplies, I was shocked at the difference.  Where you REALLY save a ton is if you have more than one babe.  It was remarkable. (Click on my infographic below.)

And I couldn’t un-learn those figures.

I broke the news to my husband that I thought cloth diapers would be the best move for our family financially.  He was very hesitant, but, after reviewing my research, some blog posts, and a few youtube videos, he was on board!

imageThe bonus is I’m not creating piles of trash, (Although, there are excellent biodegradable disposables now, to be fair.  I’m a huge fan of The Honest Company.)  and the cloth diapers have really treated the little one’s tush nicely.  I can feel good about what we’re putting on her sensitive little behind.

On a sidenote, my husband lost his job when Baby Girl was six weeks old, and it was SO nice to know she was taken care of without having to worry about spending any additional money.