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Lily’s Sesame Street birthday party

Sesame Street birthday party

This past year, Lily fell in love with Sesame Street.  She loves all the characters, stories, and songs.  She has learned so much from that show.  It brings her such joy that it seemed the perfect theme for her second birthday party.


DIY taggie blanket

DIY taggie blanket

In times of chaos (even organized chaos), creating things gives me a bit of peace.  Every step of the creative process simply brings me joy.

I’d been toying with the idea of getting one of those taggie blankets for Tommy.  (This is actually the one I was looking at.) He sucks on the blanket I wrap him in for his nap and has a death grip on whatever we cover him with in the car seat.  After looking at the prices, though, I thought, “I probably have enough fabric scraps to just make one myself.”  And I was right!


bib + apron = bapron!


I find regular, store-bought bibs to be too small.  I did some digging on Pinterest and found a bigger version from Craftiness is not Optional called a bapron – part bib, part apron.  Perfect!


cloth diaper series: cloth wipes and solution

cloth wipes and solution

When my husband and I decided to use cloth diapers for our daughter, I felt cloth wipes needed to be part of our routine as well.  We might as well go all in, right?  Plus, you can save even more money by using cloth wipes.

Cloth wipes are surprisingly simple to make yourself, and it doesn’t require anything special to clean them.


Christmas Crafts

a pinterest palooza post

After being sick for the past couple of weeks, I’m finally getting back in the swing of things.  And the holidays are upon us!  I’ve been working on a few crafty items to decorate the house.  Of course, my inspiration comes from Pinterest.  Some things have worked out great, others…well, they just work.  (more…)

Fun Fall Finds on Pinterest

a Pinterest Palooza post

Fun Fall Finds on Pinterest

I use Pinterest frequently, especially for craft, recipe and book ideas.  Here are a few fun ideas for fall!

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestThis pumpkin turkey chili is a staple in our home as soon as it becomes acceptable to use a crockpot…sometimes even when it’s not.  Lily was born at the end of June, and this chili was a perfect freezer meal to prep ahead of time.  You can add all kinds of veggies, and it’s delicious!

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestWhy not follow up your chili with some apple pie?  I make this recipe every year after we go apple picking.  I use the frozen pie crusts from Trader Joe’s.  Nothing makes me more ready for fall than having chili in the crockpot and apple pie in the oven!

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestI cannot afford home decor at the moment.  Plus, I like to make stuff.  I’m not especially creative, but I’m really good at following directions! 😉 There are some fun ideas in here to make your home cozy and fall-y.

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestI LOVE essential oils.  I recently got a diffuser, and it quickly fills our home with wonderful, mood-lifting scents.  These particular blends smell like the perfect fall day!

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestWe really enjoy camping.  It’s a great way to enjoy those fall colors and spend time together as a family.

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestI’m a huge fan of suspenseful thrillers, and October is the perfect month to read them!  I’ve read quite a few of the books on this list and haven’t been disappointed.

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestI made these leaf-stenciled mason jars for Thanksgiving center pieces two years ago, and they still look great.  I was able to use extra quinoa and beans I had in the pantry to prop up the tea lights, so they were also cheap to make.

Fun Fall Finds on PinterestThese free printables are perfect for Thanksgiving or the season in general.  Just add a frame, and you’re good to go!