about me

about me

Join me, won’t you?

Hi! I’m Molly ūüôā Thanks for stopping by!

about meI am a wife to David, step-mom to Audrey (14), and mama to Lily (2) and Tommy (newborn).  I taught English for 8 years before making the decision to stay home with the babies.  I love camping and yoga and Harry Potter.  And I love learning new things.

All my life I’ve been an end-game, destination girl. ¬†The trail was so NOT the thing for me. ¬†I mean that figuratively and literally. ¬†When we would go on hikes as a family, I would put my head down and get. it. done. ¬†I am still very goal-oriented and tend to focus on where I want to be and my next potential achievement rather than the journey it will take to get there.

about me

me & my boy

As I got older, I found myself stuck in the in-betweens, unable to reach my destinations because they were out of my control. ¬†Like getting married, for example. ¬†Waiting for a proposal is hard – heck, finding a good partner is hard. ¬†Or waiting to become¬†a mom…that was the most desperate heart-breaking in-between for me. ¬†And that’s when I began to realize I was so focused on the goal and what I thought my life should look like that I wasn’t seeing what was happening to me and around me in the process.


We’re a little goofy around here!

I realized life is FULL of in-betweens. ¬†And it’s those moments that make us. ¬†It’s the in-betweens that mold us into who we are and who we’ll become. ¬†That’s where the magic is.

I want to document it so I don’t miss it this time. ¬†I want to share my journey. ¬†And I want to know yours.

My intent here is to share what I’m learning along the way, to build community for open and honest communication about parenting, step-parenting, and want-to-be parenting. ¬†I want to share ideas and strategies through my trial and error. ¬†Mostly, I want to provide some encouragement for you in your in-between. ¬†Wherever that may be, you are not alone.

Let’s focus on the journey together.